1% For The Planet

Keep Earth in Business

We pledge at least 1% to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment

Each of us makes choices on a daily basis. Our choices may be simple, they may be significant, they may keep us up at night, and they often affect others. Can you recall the feeling of making a choice, taking action, or getting involved for something so righteous and inspiring that you could barely contain yourself?

In October 2008, Klean Kanteen decided to become a member with an amazing organization called 1% for the Planet, and our expectations for the outcomes of this one choice have got us all fired up.

Founded in 2002, 1% for the Planet promotes giving from the business community to more than 3,000 approved environmental organizations that are working toward preservation and restoration of our natural environment. Corporate membership with 1% for the Planet means a company pledges to donate 1% of gross annual sales to non-profit organizations with a focus on environmental causes and a successful track record. Over 1,300 companies world-wide have become members of 1% for the Planet, forming a veritable coalition of companies rooted in the fertile common grounds of financial commitment to creating a healthy planet.

We are tremendously excited to be part of 1% for the Planet in support of efforts by non-profit organizations to protect and promote the wellness of this one great Earth. Membership with 1% for the Planet is one aspect of Klean Kanteen's overall commitment to doing the right thing; we work very hard everyday to create the finest processes, products, and services so our customers can enjoy what they deserve: peace of mind. There are no greater gifts we can share with our children than clean air, clean water, richness in plant and animal species worldwide, and the ethic of stewardship for our environment. These are the outcomes we seek to support through our 1% for the Planet partnerships.

Our 1% Donations Help Support: